Linear calendar
Get a PDF and print yourself a clean beautifully designed whole year wall calendar
Why use the linear calendar?
Make long-term planning really easy
You think in linear time
However, most calendars are tabular. Why not plan your days the same way you think. No more artificial monthly and weekly break in the flow of time.
Long-term thinking gives you peace of mind
Easily construct a strategy for your entire year. Note big events (days od weeks long) or sketch all over the calendar like a soccer coach.
Don't let anything surprise you
Add events that come much later in the year and see them coming a mile away.
Focus on what matters
When you have a bird's-eye view of the year unimportant stuff fades away.
Quarterly organization
is really useful
Many companies (and individuals!) use the quarterly system. Write your quarterly goals on the calendar a have a clear vision to focus on.
Holidays are bulit-in
All official US holidays are marked (but can be turned off before prniting). There are also Croatian holidays, just because I'm from Zagreb :)
The linear calendar has helped me get a fresh new outlook on my New Year's resolutions and other plans. I've used it all the time during the last year and have already started using this year's calendar. I fully recommend it.
Mike Foster, Workaround designs
How can you use this?
The answer is: any way you like!
Print smaller just for sketching your plans or print larger and go in detail on each day...
Here are some ideas for using the calendar...
Plan your trips
Log your days
Offline dashboard
Shared family calendar
...or even use it as a Seinfeld don't-brake-the-chain calendar
What will you get?
We'll send you a PDF file you can print yourself in any size you like. Use a professional printing service or just print at home on your A4 printer.
A clean PDF that prints perfectly in any size
A clean, beautifully designed vector file that easily prints in any size, from A5 to whatever your printer can handle. People usually print it at about 1m (3 ft), but you can go crazy and print 10m if you like.
Simple layer control
Everything is set in PDF layers so you can turn features on and off easily before printing the calendar.
Week numbers
Each week has a number in the background, but you can turn them easily on and off.
Official US holidays for the year
All the standard federal holidays are already in the calendar.
Quarter and season separation
The year is color coded for winter (Q1), spring (Q2), summer (Q3) and fall (Q4). Even the first days of seasons is there (turn them off if you don't need them).
Lots of white space for notes and sketching
Sketch, write and doodle all over the calendar. No limits on paper :)
Fast and easy check-out.
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How do I print this?
Any printer will do. Here's an example of the settings.
Made with ❤️ in Zagreb.

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